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Our packing services

Most customers don’t want to deal with the stress of packing and labeling their belongings. They want to know that the items they are having moved are properly stored and protected.

That’s where we can help. Our professional moving team can take the burden off your shoulders with professional packing services!

We start with a detailed and itemized list of your belongings and than begin the packing services.

We carefully protect all your household items and secure them with bubble wrap in boxes. We also wrap all big items such as couches, tables, and fixtures.

packing services in Naples florida
Professional packing company-Naples and Fort Myers FL

want to pack yourself? We've put together some detailed packing information

-Limit cartons, when possible, to a max weight of 50lbs

-Wrap items carefully and provide plenty of cushioning

-Use sturdy cartons or boxes that close

-Empty drawers of breakables, limit drawer use to items like, blankets, towels, sweaters, and similar soft items

-Keep all parts or pairs of things together. For example, curtain rods, mirror bolts, ect. Place loose items like bolts and screws in bags or tape them securely to item being shipped.

-Wrap items individually in clean paper: use tissue paper, paper towels for fine china, crystal, and delicate items.

-Place crushed paper in bottoms of cartons or boxes for cushioning

-Pack heaviest items on bottom, medium weight next, and lightest on top

-Fill in empty spaces firmly with crushed paper or bubble wrap and separate items with the same method.

-Make sure no sharp points, edges or rims are left uncovered

-Pack small, fragile, individually wrapped items separately or a few together in small boxes or cartons making sure to protect with crushed paper or bubble wrap

-Place small boxes in a single large box

-Avoid overloading boxes, but strive for a firm pack that will prevent items from shifting; the cover should close without force; but should not bend inward.

-Seal boxes or cartons tightly with tape except for those containing items listed as high value inventory.

-Label boxes properly with room destination and/or names.

-Put a special mark on boxes or cartons you wish to be unloaded first.

-preparation is key make sure to communicate thoroughly with your mover to insure proper placement of items.

Let us take the stress of packing away !